FEAC Engineering is a Siemens Logo Digital Industries Software Solutions & Technology Partner

FEAC Partnerships

At FEAC, we take pride in our strategic partnerships, fostering synergies with industrial and research leaders to drive innovation and achieve mutual success. These collaborations are at the heart of our commitment to excellence.

FEAC is an esteemed and awarded SIEMENS partner, responsible for the distribution, training and technical support on the SIEMENS CAD and CAE portfolio, in the region of South-Eastern Europe.

FEAC collaborates with SIEMENS as the proprietary software PITHIA-CP is integrated on the SIEMENS Simcenter 3D platform. PITHIA-CP is the add-on module for anti-corrosion design and cathodic protection of SIEMENS.

FEAC collaborates with CERN to develop innovative Digital Twins, enhanced through AI, for advanced real-time monitoring of structures and to validate the results and technology of PITHIA-EM.

FEAC is a proud member of the following associations

FEAC is an active member of diverse industry associations across various sectors. These memberships exemplify our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. These affiliations are pivotal in fostering invaluable connections and synergies that contribute to our continuous growth and success.

Center of expertise in Additive Manufacturing

Hellenic manufacturers of defense material association

Hellenic Marine Equipment manufacturers & exporters

Space Technologies and Applications Cluster

Hellenic wind energy Association

Hellenic Association of space industry

Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

The Greek startup ecosystem

Synergy is the key to success