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AIrtery represents a Non-Invasive Toolkit that synergizes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodologies to prognosticate Arterial Flow patterns.

About AIrtery

The primary purpose of this software is to serve as a consultative resource within the decision-making processes of healthcare practitioners who manage Cardiovascular Artery Diseases (CAD). Relying solely on CT scans, the software performs computations to derive the FFR index, a recognized clinical benchmark for assessing coronary stenosis.

The amalgamation of these distinct technologies is particularly compelling for the following reasons:

CFD models proficiently compute hemodynamic parameters encompassing pressure, flow rate, and wall shear stress. These parameters are of paramount importance in diagnosing and addressing cardiovascular ailments. However, CFD’s notable drawback is its considerable computational time.

Conversely, machine learning exhibits the potential to rapidly and precisely generate predictions. This capability addresses CFD’s computational limitations and offers expeditious insights.


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