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Anti-Corrosion Analysis

Thwart surface corrosion by transforming it into the cathode of an artificial electrochemical cell.

Our Anti-Corrosion Analysis Services includes

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About Anti-Corrosion Analysis

In today’s digitally-driven world, the age-old adversary of corrosion remains a persistent threat, steadily eroding valuable assets and resulting in billions of dollars in annual costs across industries such as Marine, Oil & Gas, energy, and construction.

At FEAC, we have developed our in-house software, PITHIA-CP, which harnesses Boundary Element Method (BEM) technology to tackle corrosion issues through cathodic protection. The primary objective of cathodic protection is to combat surface corrosion by effectively turning the affected area into the cathode of an artificial electrochemical cell.

By creating digital replicas of real-world assets, our software provides a comprehensive, data-driven understanding of corrosion processes. This empowers industries to proactively address corrosion challenges, reduce costs, and enhance the safety and reliability of critical infrastructure.

Benefits of Anti Corrosion Service

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Seal of Excellence

Our company exclusively employs our proprietary software, Pithia-CP, for all anti-corrosion analyses. Pithia-CP has been honored with the Seal of Excellence quality label by the European Commission.

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