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CAD Services

Merging virtual and physical realms.

Our CAD Services includes

  • Icon of bridgeParametric 2D/3D part
  • Icon of bridgeSurface-Assembly Design
  • Icon of bridgeKinematic Analysis
  • Icon of bridgeManufacturing Drawings
  • Icon of bridgeRendering
  • Icon of bridgeMechatronics Concept Design (MCD)

About CAD

At FEAC, we specialize in leveraging 3D CAD technology to craft highly detailed and precise digital representations of products, components, and systems for our clients. By adopting this cutting-edge tool, we ensure that the final design is intricately detailed and easily communicable among both the engineering team and stakeholders.
3D CAD solutions offer a realistic depiction of the end product, seamlessly transforming conceptual ideas into tangible objects. Through collaborative efforts with our clients throughout the design phase, our 3D designs facilitate smooth iterations, enabling real-time adjustments and modifications. This iterative approach not only expedites the design cycle but also facilitates rapid prototyping through the integration of 3D printing technology, thereby reducing time-to-market.

Benefits of CAD Services

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