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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Technologies

Optimize designs, improve performance, and reduce costs by analyzing fluid flow behavior.

Our CFD technologies solve

  • Icon of thermometerHeat Transfer
  • Icon of wavesTurbulent & Laminar Flows
  • Icon of marine vessel in waterFluid Structure Interactions (FSI)
  • Icon of wavesMulti-phase Flows

About Computational Fluid Dynamics

Within the intricate realm of engineering, CFD stands as a transformative technique, employing the governing laws of fluid motion to yield quantitative predictions. Through adept computer simulation, CFD erects a virtual laboratory, orchestrating the intricate dance of fluids and gases in
diverse contexts. As we navigate the complexities of fluid dynamics sans the need for physical intervention, CFD becomes our beacon of innovation, efficiency, and engineering eminence. This multidisciplinary endeavor strives to shift from conventional time based maintenance approaches to condition based maintenance (CBM) and comprehensive life cycle supervision of mechanical, civil, and aerospace structural systems. This shift is pivotal for its ability to curtail maintenance costs across the structural life cycle, elevate safety measures, and usher in an era of unmatched performance, culminating in resilient, self sustaining structural systems.

Benefits of CFD Services

Industry applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Aerospace Engineering

Simulate and analyze aerodynamic performance of aircrafts, missiles, and space vehicles.

Icon of automotive factory


Optimize the design of cars and trucks, analyze engine performance and predict aerodynamics, cooling and fuel efficiency.

Icon of Power Plant


Analyze and optimize the performance of power plants, wind turbines and solar panels.

Icon of refinery

Process Industries

Simulate and analyze industrial processes like mixing, heat transfer, and chemical reactions in chemical plants and oil refineries.

Icon of HVAC fan

Building and HVAC

Predict airflow and thermal behavior in buildings, ventilation systems, and air conditioning systems.

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Consumer Products

Optimize the design of consumer products such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and other appliances.

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Analyze and predict fluid flow, heat transfer, and mass transport in biological systems and medical devices.

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