Multi-physics Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

Predict product performance and behaviour, optimize designs, and reduce the need for physical testing.

Our FEA Services include

  • Icon of bridgeStatic / Transient Structural
  • Icon of magnet and electricity boltElectromagnetics
  • Icon of thermometerThermal Analysis
  • Icon of bending member under forceModal & Buckling Analysis
  • Icon of car crashExplicit Dynamics (Impact & Crash)
  • Icon of chain pullingFatigue Analysis
  • Icon of layered materialsAdvanced Materials (Composites)

About Finite Element Analysis

FEAC offers a complete range of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engineering consulting services to universities, research centres, laboratories and a wide range of industries. Our professionalism and engineering expertise along with our reliable FEA results can help solve all types of mechanical engineering problems.

For our consulting services, we work with the worlds best FEA tools available. ANSYS suite is our weapon of choice for these kind of projects. We use computer aided design (CAD) to do the design and drafting documentation, which can be used for any FE analysis. Our clients can also simply send us any type of CAD file and we can convert, modify, import and prepare the FE model.

Benefits of FEA Services

Industry applications of Finite Element Analysis

Icon of mechanical part

Mechanical Engineering

Stress/strain analysis of mechanical components, such as gears, bearings, shafts, and others.

Icon of building with construction crane

Structural Engineering

Analysis of buildings, bridges, and other structures under various loads, including wind, earthquakes, and gravity.

Icon of satellite

Aerospace Engineering

Simulation of aerodynamics and structural behavior of aircraft, spacecraft, and other aeronautical systems.

Icon of bridge

Civil Engineering

Analysis of soil-structure interaction, foundation design, and geotechnical engineering problems.

Icon of automotive factory

Automotive Engineering

Simulation of crashworthiness, vibration analysis, and noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis.

Icon of leg, bones and joints

Biomedical Engineering

Simulation of implant behaviour, biomechanical analysis of human bones, joints, and soft tissues.

Icon of Power Plant


Analysis of power plants, renewable energy systems, and oil & gas infrastructure.

Icon of electrical appliances

Consumer Goods

Analysis of consumer products like electronics, appliances, and toys.

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