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Fluids-Thermal Analysis

Optimize designs, improve performance, and reduce costs by analyzing fluid flow behavior.

Our Fluids-Thermal Analysis Services includes

  • Icon of bridgeHeat Transfer
  • Icon of bridgeTurbulent/Laminar flows
  • Icon of bridgeFluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
  • Icon of bridgeMultiphase Flows
  • Icon of bridgeCompressible Flows

About Fluids-Thermal Analysis

At FEAC, we specialize in fluid analysis and modeling through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), enabling us to mathematically compute fluid flow phenomena and gain a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure response. Our expertise spans various industries, including aerospace, marine, automotive, electronics, and energy sectors.

Through our proficiency in CFD analysis, we provide valuable insights into product wear and damage while optimizing infrastructure performance. By employing integrated solutions, we simulate fluid behavior and heat transfer within systems, leveraging digital twins to incorporate environmental and fluid condition data for highly accurate results.

Fluids-Thermal analysis serves as a proactive approach, reducing the need for costly physical prototypes and expediting the development cycle. This approach facilitates the creation of more efficient and sustainable designs.

Benefits of Fluids-Thermal Service

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