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Structural Analysis Services

Maintain resilient and self-sustainable structural systems by improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and optimizing performance.

Our Structural Analysis Services  includes

  • Icon of bridgeLinear & Non-Linear Analysis
  • Icon of bridgeStatic & Transient
  • Icon of bridgeStress- Modal
  • Icon of bridgeVibrations & Response Dynamics
  • Icon of bridgeTurbomachinery

About Structural Analysis

Structural analysis is an essential process in understanding the behavior of various structures under different loads. Essentially, it involves predicting how a real structure will perform under normal operating conditions as well as extreme loads. Utilizing digital twins, this analysis begins with the creation of a highly accurate 3D model of the physical structure, incorporating its geometric details and material properties.

At FEAC, we primarily employ Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for our projects. This method systematically breaks down the system into smaller, more manageable components, simplifying the initially complex structure into numerous simple geometric pieces. For more intricate systems, we integrate Reduced Order Models into our FEA Analysis. This approach provides a condensed mathematical representation without sacrificing accuracy in the results.

By integrating data from sensors installed on your actual structure, we can extend the Structural Analysis to create a digital twin that monitors the structure throughout its entire lifecycle.

Benefits of Structural Services

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