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Customization in NX / Simcenter 3D

The NX Open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) offer an open architecture that empowers third-party developers, customers, and in-house users to create and integrate custom software solutions within NX.

About Customization in NX / Simcenter 3D

With procedural APIs for direct interaction with the NX Object Model, each API supports specific programming languages, ensuring versatility and ease of implementation. The Common API serves as a shared object model across various languages, automatically generating language bindings. This uniformity enables developers to freely choose their preferred implementation language without sacrificing functionality, ensuring access to the same robust object model used by NX developers.


Our expertise extends to the NX CAE API, which enables engineers to access and manipulate diverse aspects of CAE tasks within Siemens NX. From finite element analysis (FEA) to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and structural analysis, the NX CAE API empowers developers to automate tasks, customize analyses, and enhance CAE workflows including the customization of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and the development of custom applications within the Siemens NX 3D environment using C++.

Whether it’s model setup, mesh generation, solution automated analysis, boundary condition definition, solver interaction, or results post-processing, the NX CAE API provides a robust programming interface for tailored engineering and industrial solutions.

Benefits of Customization in NX / Simcenter 3D

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