FEAC Engineering is a Siemens Logo Digital Industries Software Reseller & Partner
DEFEA International Defense Exhibition
26 Apr, 2023

At FEAC Engineering, we are thrilled to announce our participation in DEFEA International Defense Exhibition, taking place in Athens, Greece from MAy 9 – 11, 2023. We are excited to present our proven expertise and experience in Multiphysics Simulations & Physics-based Digital Twins, as well as showcase our advanced engineering services to industry professionals and leaders.

Our booth can be found at HALL 2 – Booth F36, where we will be showcasing our latest solutions and software portfolios. We are especially proud to present PITHIA-CP’s technical capabilities and advanced solutions for cathodic protection and corrosion problems, as well as Siemens Simcenter software portfolio tailored for the Defense/Space/Naval sectors.

Our presence at DEFEA 2023 serves to expand our network in the Defense sector, and to discuss potential consortiums for the new EDF (European Defense Fund) calls, HORIZON EUROPE calls, and R&D and Industrial Projects in the Defense/Aviation/Space/Naval Sectors. We look forward to engaging with other industry leaders and sharing our knowledge and expertise.

At FEAC Engineering, our multiphysics simulations and physics-based digital twins have proven to be effective in predicting and simulating complex systems in various industries, including defense. Our solutions are based on advanced modeling, simulation, and data analysis techniques that help optimize designs, reduce costs, and improve product performance.

In addition to our advanced engineering services, we also offer consulting services to assist companies in developing custom solutions that meet their specific needs. By working closely with our clients, we can provide tailored solutions that are both effective and efficient.

We are eager to connect with other leaders in the Defense sector at DEFEA 2023, showcase our latest solutions, and expand our network. We look forward to discussing potential collaborations and contributing to the development of cutting-edge solutions for the industry.