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Digital Twin Software

Thepassion for digital twins has led us to develop our own software, providing a deeper understanding of product performance.

About Digital Twin Software

Digital Twin Software provides the capability to generate a virtual duplicate of physical objects and infrastructures. This virtual replica allows for a comprehensive understanding of the product’s performance throughout its entire lifecycle in the real world. The utilization of digital twins can commence during the design and development phase through numerical simulations and can extend throughout the product’s lifecycle. Furthermore, it can evolve into real digital twins by integrating software and sensors into the actual construction process.

Our team has achieved success in constructing PITHIA CP, a software designed for cathodic protection of both offshore and onshore infrastructures by generating a digital twin of the physical construction. Concurrently, we are actively working on developing AIRTERY, a software that serves as a Non Invasive Toolkit. This innovative tool integrates Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodologies to predict arterial flow patterns. The main objective of AIRTERY is to function as a consultative resource, aiding healthcare practitioners in their decision making processes related to the management of Cardiovascular Artery Diseases (CAD).

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