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FEAC ENGINEERING launches new website
1 Jan, 2018

FEAC Engineering P.C. today announced the launch of the company’s new website

The new website is divided into two major parts:

  1. The first part is dedicated to the provided services of FEAC Engineering as an outsourcing consulting company. (www.feacomp.com)
  2. The second part is dedicated to the CAE portfolio of SIEMENS PLM, for which FEAC the exclusive authorised reseller in Greece, Cyprus & Malta is. (www.feacomp.com/siemens)

The FEAC outsourcing consultancy website is enriched with more projects and test cases that FEAC has delivered over the years. A facelift on the whole website is introduced as well, while the freshly designed blog will keep you posted with frequent updates on, what else? simulation topics. This website will be your contact point with FEAC, to discuss your project and let FEAC deliver you with the most sophisticated, accurate, fast and cost-effective results.

As a second major update, FEAC introduces the FEAC-SIEMENS PLM website. The site is designed from scratch and includes information on NX CAE, Simcenter 3D, FEMAP, STAR-CCM & Heeds. This website will be the contact point between you and SIEMENS PLM in the region of Greece, Cyprus & Malta. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will propose to you the best software solution according to your needs, at the most competitive prices in the market. Various success stories for a wide range of industries will constantly be added, while the blog will be updated with tips & tricks, ideas and news regarding the SIEMENS PLM portfolio. Watch out for the training courses that will be organized in various places or contact us to organize a training course on-demand at your premises. As for the technical support on the aforementioned software, this website will be your contact point.

In other news, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter which will allow us to have more direct contact with you.

That’s all for now. At FEAC Engineering we are all very excited for this new era, Our team works hard to deliver the best services to you and your team. And keep in mind: digitalisation changes everything. Be the first one to move yourself, your team, your company or your academic department towards this new era. The future belongs to those who dare and know!

About FEAC Engineering

FEAC Engineering is a leading solutions provider in Simulation-Driven Engineering. Founded in 2014 and based in Greece, the company applies simulation expertise and operational experience to solve challenging & complex problems. FEAC operates in the global market and collaborates and partners with engineering companies, product manufacturers, research centers and universities. FEAC Engineering P.C. provides state-of-the-art solutions throughout the product development cycle, from concept design to prototype testing. With the use of Advanced Computer-Aided Engineering tools (CAE) such as Femap, NX CAE & Simcenter 3D, FEAC achieves a substantial reduction of cost, time and risk while ensuring optimal product performance. FEAC Engineering conducts both Finite Element Method (FEM) & Boundary Element Method (BEM) to offer fast, efficient and highly-accurate results to our partners and clients. Our experienced world-class team has developed unique solutions in a wide range of sectors by optimizing products, systems, entities, phenomena and processes under real-world conditions.