Engineering innovative, durable and lightweight composite structures



Fibersim is the world’s leading composites product development software used by premier organizations including Bombardier Aerospace, General Motors, and Nordex. The Fibersim portfolio of software enables the concurrent design and manufacturing methodologies necessary to engineer innovative, durable, and lightweight composite products. Fibersim helps throughout the product development process from conception to deployment including initial sizing requirements, detailed laminate definition, layup simulation, documentation, manufacturing data feeds, and quality verification. Fibersim transforms your CAD system into a composites development environment that helps engineers make smarter decisions and better products.

How FIBERSIM benefits you

The true promise of composites has been largely unfulfilled due to the high cost and complexity of designing and manufacturing with these unique materials. Successful composite product development requires effective communication among multi-discipline teams throughout the lifecycle of a product. Fibersim transforms – and ultimately reduces – the entire composite product development process by providing an open architecture that allows concurrent engineering and easy exchange of information between analysts, designers and manufacturing engineers. It automates the tedious design and iterative tasks associated with making changes – so composite products can be developed faster and without errors. Fibersim also improves product quality and throughput data directly from the design to the factory floor, ensuring a repeatable manufacturing process. The combination of these unique features makes Fibersim the best tool available to deliver innovative, optimized composite products that meet all specifications, on time and within budget.

Fibersim helps you to:
  • Optimize composite parts
  • Reduce product development cycle time

  • Reduce product development costs

  • Eliminate product failures

  • Achieve repeatable product quality and certification

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Fibersim 17-Fact Sheet
Fibersim Pro and Elite-Fact Sheet
Fibersim Automated Deposition Design-Fact Sheet
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FEAC Engineering

Training & Support

FEAC Engineering provides training and support for the Siemens PLM CAE platform and PITHIA.

Let our experts guide you

The power of simulation is in your hands and we’re here to help you harness it. We offer a variety of instructor-led training options to help you master the strength of digital twins and numerical simulation, both for the SIEMENS PLM platform and for PITHIA. Bring yourself up to speed in the use of the most advanced engineering simulation software by reducing efficiently what is usually a long learning period. Receive official, globally-recognised certifications of attendance and empower your knowledge.

Key features

3D Ply Definition Methods
  1. Manual Ply Based Design
  2. Multi-Ply Design (Automated)
  3. Zone/Grid Design (Advanced Automation)
  4. Volume Fill Design (Advanced Automation Thick Parts)
  5. Structure Based Design (Advanced Automation Large Panels)
  6. Wind Blade Design (Advanced Automation)
Design to Fabrication Methods
  1. 3D Flat Pattern Generation
  2. Smart Splicing / Darting Utilities (Automation)
  3. Spec-driven Splicing / Darting Utilities (Advanced Automation)
  4. Curve Creation Utilities
  5. Parametric Surface / Solid Offset (IML)
Producibility Assessment
  1. Hand Layup Producibility
  2. Advanced Producibility

Laminate Analysis

CAE to Design
  1. Fiber Field

Add-On Modules:

  • ZTeamcenter Integration
  • ZLaser Projection Interface
  • ZFlat Pattern Export
  • ZComposites STEP Export/Import
  • ZFibersim Documentation
  • ZAnalysis Export
  • ZAnalysis Export/Import
  • ZFiber Placement Design and Manufacturing Bundle
  • ZAutomated Tape Laying Design and Manufacturing Bundle
  • ZFibersim Viewer
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