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Introduction to System Simulation with Simcenter Amesim
31 Mar, 2023


System simulation is the process of using mathematical models to replicate the behavior of a real-world systems over time. In one-dimensional system simulations, the model considers only a single input and a single output variable. This allows for a simplified representation of the system, making it easier to analyze and understand it. 1D simulations can be used to model a wide range of systems, from simple mechanical systems to complex chemical and biological processes. By simulating the system, engineers and scientists can gain insights into its behavior and optimize its performance without the need for costly and time-consuming experiments. 1D system simulation is an important tool in modern engineering and science, helping to accelerate the development of new technologies and processes.

  • What is the Simcenter Amesim?

Simcenter Amesim (Advanced Modeling for performing Simulations of engineering systems) is a powerful 1D system simulation software that allows engineers and designers to model, simulate, and analyze complex multi-domain systems. With its user-friendly interface and robust simulation capabilities, Simcenter Amesim has become a popular tool for a wide range of industries, including (Figure 1-5):

  1. Automotive

Figure 1: Solutions of Simcenter Amesim at the Automotive.

  1. Aerospace and Defense

Figure 2: Solutions of Simcenter Amesim at the Aerospace and Defense.

  1. Off-Highway

Figure 3: Solutions of Simcenter Amesim at the Off-Highway.

  1. Mechanical Industries

Figure 4: Solutions of Simcenter Amesim at the Mechanical Industries.

  1. Marine

Figure 5: Solutions of Simcenter Amesim at the Marine Industry.

The available libraries in Simcenter Amesim include (Figure 6a-6b):

Figure 6a: Libraries of Simcenter Amesim 1/2

Figure 6b: Libraries of Simcenter Amesim 2/2

The software offers a variety of modeling and simulation tools, including libraries of pre-built components, advanced modeling features, and real-time simulation capabilities.

In addition to modeling and simulation, Simcenter Amesim offers advanced analysis tools, including optimization, sensitivity analysis, and statistical analysis. These tools enable users to explore different design scenarios, identify potential issues, and optimize system performance.

The software has proven to be a valuable industrial tool enable the reduction of design time, improvement of product quality, and innovation acceleration.

  • GUI of Simcenter Amesim

Simcenter Amesim has the following modes:

  1. Sketch

…where the user sets-up the schematic of the desired model.

  1. Submodel

…where the user choses the submodel from the available libraries.

  1. Parameter

…where the user defines the physical parameters.

  1. Simulation

…where the user solves and post-processes the results.


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