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Meet the Structure Designer
17 Jan, 2023


Today we will look at how NX Structure Designer can accelerate FE beam model creation. Designers use this application to quickly create frames and other metal structures for machines and other equipment.

The imported geometry is shown in Figure 1.

The task is to design the following truss in an easy way, using only lines and points.

Figure 1: A part of the truss crane structure model.

Inside the truss, there are rollers that we aren’t going to model.

Firstly, we need the dimensions of the geometry, to specify some first points crucial for the design. By pressing the “New Structure”, the program makes a file named Structure 00. Then the “Frame” creates the outer lines of the design (in a rectangular shape) and after that you can copy lines from it, making the rest of the construction.

Figure 2: The arrangement of the lines.

To specify the members, you must open the Structure 00 part, and press the command “Member”. In this step, you specify the cross-section, the material, and the size of the beam. Every line you made must be defined with a beam.

Figure 3: The visualization using Member.

Figure 4: The summary in Simcenter 3D commands.

When the frame is correctly specified, the next step is to create the FE model by pressing Beam Preparation. This will create a new component in Structure 00. After that, you switch to the fem file.

Now, you have to mesh the model with “Beam Mesh Automation”. This automation not only creates the mesh but also assigns all of the physical properties. In Figure 5 you can see the produced 1D element mesh.

Figure 5: 1D element mesh.

Finally, you may set up the simulation, and run the model to see the results.

Here you are! An easy way to make a beam structure.

We at FEAC hope that this blog post has been interesting and that you will be able to create a nice FE Analysis after reading this. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at support@feacomp.com