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Predict Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), and make informed design and management decisions with FEAC’s world class Boundary Element Method (BEM) solution.

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Industries using Pithia-FSI

  • Wind Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Marine & Coastal
  • Mining
  • Geotechnical Engineering

About Pithia-FSI

Pithia-FSI is a Boundary Element Method (BEM) solution, that analyze the behavior of fluids, such as water or oil, in porous media like soil, rock, or sand. In these simulations, the soil is typically represented by a porous medium, and the fluid flow is described using equations based on fluid mechanics principles. The simulation results can provide important insights into the behavior of fluid-soil systems, including fluid migration, saturation, pressure, and flow rate, which can inform design and management decisions.

Use Pithia-FSI to

Pithia-FSI features

  • Icon of ear listeningFluid-Soil Interaction Analysis
  • Icon of turbineGround vibrations Simulation
  • Icon of layered materialsVibration Isolation Simulation
  • Icon of layered materialsAcoustic Radiation & Scattering
  • Icon of layered materialsUnderwater Acoustics Simulation
  • Icon of layered materialsElastic Wave Propagation Simulation
  • Icon of layered materialsVibroacoustics Predictions

More about BEM

Top-class Accelerated BEM solver

PITHIA’s solver offers unprecedented capabilities to the user over the competition:

1. Based on the accelerated Boundary Element Method, it is capable of solving complex models corresponding to more than 1 million DoF (Degrees of Freedom). This reduces the need for simplifications and modelling assumptions. Instead, it increases the confidence & accuracy of the computed results.
2. By implementing innovative numerical techniques, it offers drastically faster solution times.
3. It minimizes computer hardware requirements.

Solve fast & accurate, with less hardware demands

PITHIA-CP drives innovation in Digital Twins of Cathodic Protection systems and provides unprecedented capabilities compared to the competition.

Why BEM (Boundary Element Method)?

The dominant competing solution is the Finite Element Method (FEM), which generally is very well implemented but has certain limitations in problems dealing with infinite/semi-infinite domains. The method has significantly higher computational requirements, making it unsuitable for e.g. acoustic, vibration wave propagation in soil and electromagnetic problems. PITHIA is based on the Boundary Element Method (BEM), the main advantage of which is the reduction of the dimensionality of the problem. This means that only the boundaries of the problem is required to be discretized in contrast with the FEM where the volume of the e.g. sea, soil or water must be discretized. Thus, the model preparation in PITHIA is significant simpler. Additionally, it well-known that the Boundary Element method offer unprecedented accuracy compared to the Finite Element Method.


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