Corrosion solution tool via Digital Twins of Cathodic Protection, integrated in
SIEMENS Simcenter software

“We are pleased that FEAC Engineering has joined the Siemens Solution Partner Program as a Software and Technology Partner for Simcenter 3D software. FEAC’s PITHIA-CP is a world leading Boundary Element solution for cathodic protection, which can provide our customers complimentary solutions that add value to their software investment. Through this partnership, engineers dealing with Cathodic Protection can now enjoy a modern, CAD-centric, highly efficient, multi-discipline modeling environment.”

Koen De Langhe
Director Product Management
Siemens Digital Industries Software

Structures in corrosive environment & Cathodic Protection

Offshore structures are exposed to a corrosive environment throughout their life cycle, as the seawater acts like an electrolyte which mounts the electrochemical process of corrosion. Moreover, these constructions are designed for a long-term use in order to cater for high-risk investments. Consequently, the design of an efficient cathodic protection system is considered as a very important factor for the safe and profitable operation of these constructions, as well as for the prevention from aqueous environment’s pollution.

Cathodic protection aims to eliminate the corrosion of a surface by converting it into the cathode of an artificial made electrochemical cell. Cathodic protection can be applied using two methods:

The first one is called Sacrificial Anodes systems (SACP), where a galvanic anode (a piece of a more electronegative metal) is attached to the target metallic surface to achieve the electron flow that will cause the demanded polarization of the structure.

The second method, Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system (ICCP) ,can be applied by using an external current source that provides a controlled amount of DC current to the target surfaces.


Offshore Platforms




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Add-on module to SIEMENS Simcenter 3D
Sacrificial Anode CP (SACP)
Impressed Current CP (ICCP)
Material Library
Top-class Accelerated BEM solver
Best-in-class modeling environment
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    • PITHIA’s solver offers unprecedented capabilities to the user over the competition:

      1) Based on the accelerated Boundary Element Method, it is capable of solving complex models corresponding to more than 1million DoF (Degrees of Freedom). This reduces the need for simplifcations and modeling assumptions. Instead, it increases the confidence & accuracy of the computed results.

      2) By implementing innovative numerical techniques, it offers drastically faster solution times 3) It minimizes the computer hardware requirements.

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    • PITHIA-CP drives innovation in Digital Twins of Cathodic Protection systems and provides unprecedented capabilities compared to the competition.
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    • Through the partnership between FEAC & SIEMENS Digital Industries Software, engineers dealing with Cathodic Protection can now enjoy a modern, CAD-centric, highly efficient, multi- discipline modeling environment.
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    • The dominant competing solution is the Finite Element Method (FEM), which generally is very well implemented but has certain limitations in problems dealing with infinite/semi-infinite domains. The method has significantly higher computational requirements, making it unsuitable for e.g. acoustic, vibration wave propagation in soil and electromagnetic problems. PITHIA is based on the Boundary Element Method (BEM), the main advantage of which is the reduction of the dimensionality of the problem. This means that only the boundaries of the problem is required to be discretized in contrast with the FEM where the volume of the e.g. sea, soil or water must be discretized. Thus, the model preparation in PITHIA is significant simpler. Additionally, it well-known that the Boundary Element method offer unprecedented accuracy compared to the Finite Element Method.

“FEAC is excited to join Siemens Digital Industries Software’s partner community, as the strength of our two organizations working together can deliver significant value to our customers, who want technology that has an open data model that will support them in the future.”

“By expanding the partnership with Siemens Digital Industry Software, FEAC delivers Cathodic Protection CAE solutions for the Marine, Oil&Gas, Renewable Energy & Construction Industry.”

“The combination of PITHIA-CP with Siemens’ pre- and post-processing software can help improve the user experience and workflow, while providing highly accurate results.”

Charilaos Kokkinos
Technical Manager
FEAC Engineering P.C.


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