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Development and study of a coronary stent system using biodegradable biomaterials for targeted and controlled release of an innovative drug
14 Feb, 2024
Bio Co Stent Project Logo

BioCoStent project aims to develop an innovative coronary implant (stent) coated by retinoic acid (a metabolite of Vitamin A) in a bioabsorbable polymer. The stent design, in the context of next generation endovascular devices, intends to overcome the disadvantages of existing systems, achieving greater biocompatibility and improved clinical results. The use of retinoic acid for the treatment of atherosclerotic lesions involves the local intravascular administration of a completely natural, safe, and beneficial substance in contrast to the widespread use of cytotoxic drugs (e.g. Paclitaxel) which are mainly used in chemotherapy regimens.

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Project partners:

University of Thessaly

University of Ioannina

Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA)

FEAC Engineering

Rontis AEBE


University of Thessaly (UTH)

Scientific person in charge of the project:

Prof. Anargyros Moulas, UTH

EPAnEK 2014-2020

Operational Programme, Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation