Senior Software Development Engineer

FEAC’s aim of the project is the development of PITHIA, an advanced “Boundary Elements Method (BEM)” software, capable of simulating and solving large scale engineering problems, necessary for the design, development and optimization of industrial processes and products.



The ideal candidate will be responsible for PITHIA’s integration as an Add-on Module in commercial FEM-based (Finite Element Method) softwares, aiming at solving BEM problems by utilizing commercial’s softwares GUI.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Excellent knowledge and proven experience in Python and C++
  • Proven experience in similar projects
  • Any proven experience with GUI development , will be a great asset
  • English native



The selection, in addition to the assessment of the above qualifications, will also be based on the candidate’s performance in a relevant knowledge assessment test, which will take place during the interview.

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