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Siemens Amesim

Model, analyze, and optimize dynamic systems, such as powertrains, mechatronics, and control systems, by using a combination of 1D and 3D simulation tools.

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Industries using AMESIM

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy (Renewable, Oil & Gas)
  • Defense
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Rail and Transportation

About Amesim

Siemens AMESIM is a software tool for multi-disciplinary simulation and modeling of dynamic systems. It allows users to simulate the behavior of complex systems by integrating different models and disciplines, such as electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic, into a single simulation environment. The software provides a graphical interface for building system models and offers a range of analysis tools for evaluating system performance, stability, and response to different conditions.


AMESIM modules & features

  • Icon of ear listeningElectrical System Simulation
  • Icon of turbineFluid System Simulation
  • Icon of layered materialsMechanical System Simulation
  • Icon of fluid and gearPropulsion system simulation
  • Icon of chain pullingROM Builder
  • Icon of beamSimcenter System Simulation Client for Git
  • Icon of bridgeSystem Simulation Platform
  • Icon of thermometerSystem integration
  • Icon of meshThermal Management System Simulation


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