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Mendix is a pioneering low-code application development platform that transforms the traditional software development landscape.

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Industries using Mendix

  • Logistics
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • High Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

About Mendix

It promotes seamless collaboration among software engineers, departments, and users with varying coding skills. By leveraging Mendix, individuals can design intricate software solutions without the need for extensive coding knowledge. By enabling the reuse of existing code alongside intuitive ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality, users can efficiently develop, manage, and deploy web and mobile applications, leading to significant savings in software development costs. Additionally, Mendix offers a comprehensive ecosystem of tools and resources to support developers at every stage of the application lifecycle.

Use Mendix to

Mendix modules and features

  • Icon of layered materialsWeb and mobile applications development.
  • Icon of graph with calculations Conventional coding.
  • Icon of turbineDrag-and-drop tools for intuitive design.
  • Icon of fluid and gearMaintenance applications efficiently using statistical analysis tools.
  • Icon of chain pulling Pre-built components from Mendix, such as connectors, for enhanced productivity.
  • Icon of chain pullingData Integration.
  • Icon of chain pullingCloud deployment.


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