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Siemens NX Additive Manufacturing

NX Additive Manufacturing is an integrated software tool within the NX platform, designed to assist engineers in addressing the intricate challenges associated with designing, optimizing, and fabricating components using additive manufacturing techniques.

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Industries using NX Additive Manufacturing

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare

About NX CAD

This innovative tool streamlines the entire process, from initial design to the production phase, offering seamless integration that eliminates the cumbersome task of converting and remodeling parts between different applications.
One of the key features of NX Additive Manufacturing is its utilization of associative part models throughout the design, simulation, and 3D print planning phases. This associative approach ensures that any design modifications are quickly incorporated into subsequent stages, enhancing accuracy and productivity significantly. Engineers can make iterative design changes, knowing that the entire workflow remains synchronized and coherent.
Moreover, NX Additive Manufacturing provides advanced capabilities for optimizing designs specifically for additive manufacturing processes. Engineers can harness these tools to generate complex geometries, lattice structures, and support structures, all tailored to maximize part performance while minimizing material usage and production time.

The software offers comprehensive simulation capabilities, allowing engineers to predict and mitigate potential issues such as warping, distortion, and thermal stresses during the printing process. By simulating the manufacturing environment, engineers can refine their designs and ensure successful fabrication of high-quality parts.

Use NX Additive Manufacturing to

NX Additive Manufacturing modules & features

  • Icon of layered materialsOptimal printing orientation based on support surfaces, time or overheating
  • Icon of graph with calculationsOptimized surfaces & lattice structures
  • Icon of turbineGenerative Design
  • Icon of fluid and gearBuild preparation tools
  • Icon of chain pullingPart placement and nesting
  • Icon of chain pullingSupport structures
  • Icon of chain pullingAdvanced thermal distortion calculation


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