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Collaborating with us reduces your expenses, increases your profit and helps you gain more market share over your competitors.

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The increasing demand in CAD drafting and FE modelling, due to the numerous advantages they offer over traditional designs, force many companies to re-evaluate the way they design their products. Many companies, especially small to medium sized ones, face difficulties adopting this new methodology often due to shortages in manpower, budget, knowledge, experience and deadlines set by their clients.

They still require drawings, models, simulation, optimized results and presentations at top professional levels but since they can’t run an in-house CAD and FEA department, they have to outsource. They need the assistance of FEAC services.

FEAC provides the perfect solution for such situations, with no need to expand your offices or recruit more staff. You can now easily outsource your projects to be accomplished with the highest of standards. Collaborating with us reduces your expenses, increases your profit and helps you gain more marketshare over your competitors. Not only businesses can benefit from FEAC services. Universities and R&D centers have used our services numerous times due to the time and cost effectiveness FEAC can provide.

Universities and R&D centers often have limited resources whether is money, time or personnel. More often than not, outsourcing these kinds of projects can be more effective both in terms of budget and time. Some universities want to run different tests or development cycles in parallel for faster deployment or R&D centers might want to run the same processes more than once to validate their findings etc.

FEAC has a wide range of services which can be beneficial to almost any industry that needs any kind of product development or analysis.
Be sure to contact us about your next project and find out how we can help.

“If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, drove a car, seen a rocket launch, travelled by ship, used electricity created by a wind turbine, rode a train, used a smartphone or needed an implant in your body, then you most likely used a product developed through physics-based, engineering simulation.”

Realise Your Digital Twin


Social Responsibility

It is our responsibility to democratize, showcase, teach & help the new generations to embrace the tools and methods of tomorrow. We support students, schools, universities and authorities on their quest to move on to the digital era by using digital twins created through engineering simulation. Contact us and let us know how we can help. We are future makers!

FEAC Engineering

Training & Support

FEAC Engineering provides training and support for the Siemens PLM CAE platform and PITHIA.

Let our experts guide you

The power of simulation is in your hands and we’re here to help you harness it. We offer a variety of instructor-led training options to help you master the strength of digital twins and numerical simulation, both for the SIEMENS PLM platform and for PITHIA. Bring yourself up to speed in the use of the most advanced engineering simulation software by reducing efficiently what is usually a long learning period. Receive official, globally-recognised certifications of attendance and empower your knowledge.


2014 ANSYS Hall of Fame

FEAC won the prestigious 2014 ANSYS Hall of Fame Simulation Competition.

We strive to help you visualize, simulate, optimize and realize your ideas. Read more about the award

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